Remain up to date with the world design with help of new features in offered by AutoCAD 2018. The 2018 version allows users to create precise drawings and share them via innovative performance tools. Perform work in a faster and more efficient manner with help of effective tools by AutoCAD 2018.

SHX text recognition tool assists to convert imported PDF geometry into text objects in a fast manner. 3D navigation has undergone major improvements as well and allows smoother panning and zooming. In addition, AutoCAD has brought things to a new level with help of an easy-to-use mobile app version.

This section below provides a summary of key improvements and modifications done to AutoCAD 2018 version with detailed explanation behind each enhancement.

Viewports and Views. With AutoCAD 2018 users can retrieve, create, as well as place model views in conjunction with layout viewports that have been automatically scaled and sized directly onto the current layout. Once selected, viewport objects of layout show two additional grips (one responsible for viewport movement, and another – for adjusting the display scale based on available list of scales that are commonly used).

3D Graphics Performance. The performance of 3D graphics has further been improved for the Realistic, Wireframe, and Shaded visual styles and increases based on tested DWG files content.

Support of High-Resolution (4K) Display. AutoCAD 2018 version has focused on high-resolution displays support. This section also includes the updates of more than 200 dialog boxes as well as other elements of user interface, which aim to provide sustainability and high-quality viewing experience for high-resolution (4K) displays (e.g. Edit Layer State, Insert Table dialog boxes and Visual LISP editor.

Visual Experience Enhancements. Hatch display and visual performance have also undergone enhancement in AutoCAD 2018. Users can control independently settings of anti-aliasing and high-quality graphics for supported graphic cards. Selection of off-screen objects functionality is also supported in current version. The rubber-band line that usually appears once user creates and edits objects can be changed to any colour instead of standard orange via the dialog box “Options”, inside “Display Tab”, “Colours” button.

Cyber Security Improvement. Security measures are being updated and remain under continuous elaboration based on various reports and new information. In response to increased activity from cyber criminals and foreign intelligence services. A significant part of Autodesk engineering resources has been invested to develop the security systems and measures to remain up to date at all times.

Install and activate AutoCAD 2018 in order to receive access to innovative performance tools and enhanced functionality as well as latest features to further improve the quality of your engineering design works.


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